Peace Resonance
PEACE RESONANCE is part of TRIAD by Alan Nakagawa to be completed in 2017  


In October 2016, Alan Nakagawa was granted access into the Hiroshima Atomic Dome, where he conducted two multi-point audio recordings of the interior space of the UNESCO Heritage site. Videographer Tom Clancey documented the session. The objective is to process the audio into a soundscape, which will then be performed privately in the Wendover Hangar in Utah. There is an amazingsuport group that has made this all happen including Art Matters Inc., Japanese American Community and Cultural Center, Center for Land Use Interpretation, The Japanese Counsulate General, Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti, Hiroshima Mayor's Office, Hiroshima Parks and Recreation Department and the Hiroshima Film Commission. Special thanks to Araceli Garcia and Tomoko Nishizaki. Without their vital support, this project may never have happened. The final presentation of a short video documentary and the soundscape will be presented as part of TRIAD in 2017.